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İngilizce öğrenmek hiç bu kadar kolay olmamıştı. İngilizce öğrenmenin "Quartet" methodu.


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We are one of the biggest software and service companies in Turkey.

We are specialized in educational, edutainment, commercial software.

We are #1 supplier of educational and edutainment software for the Ministry of Education.

We are the best candidate for foreign companies, which seeks a long-term, reliable and productive cooperation in Turkey



e-mail : Bu mail adresi spam botlara karşı korumalıdır, görebilmek için Javascript açık olmalıdır              web :


Headquarters : Sarıyer / İSTANBUL / TURKEY

 Phone : 90-212-263 73 94-95       

 Fax :     90-212-263 53 76






¨      Sales & Marketing : Publishing and distributing throughout the country.


¨      Existing foreign partnerships : ELL Technology-Lingo Media, Q Multimedia LTD,  Edusoft, Compedia.


¨      Solution partners:  BİMEKS, Entegres, Techno PC, Dojop, Bekdata- Mimio.


¨      Type of products : English Language teaching software, edutainment for ages 4-10, commercial software for SMEs


¨      Target Markets : Private schools, colleges, universities, home users, dealers, retailers, commercial institutions.


¨      Technologies used : Windows, Networking, .NET programming, Macromedia.


¨      Know-how : Instructional technology applications, commercial software development


¨      Technological strengths : Effective after-sales services network, customer call center, database application experience, teacher training.


¨      Customer references and projects achieved :

·          Commercial software development. More than 10.000 end-users (SMEs) work on ELIT package software

·          MOE Bids sponsored by world bank

ü  1995 : 53 schools (with Edunetics + Mat-Kal Math Science software)

ü  1996 : 241 trade schools (Commercial software)

ü  1997 : 34 educational faculties (with Edunetics + Mat+ Kal Math Science software + Eshed Robotec)

ü  1998 : 182 schools (with Edunetics + Mat-Kal Math Science software)

ü  1999 : All Edunetics + Mat-Kal software was localized to Turkish

ü  A group of 200 Turkish schools outside Turkey (Central Asia)

·          Private schools, (Koc, Ihlas, Derya Öncü, Saint-Joseph,…

·          Bogazici University

·          Combined projects : School / teacher / student usage with intensive teacher training

·          Distrubiton of Edusoft English Plus and Compedia by 2000.

·          Distribution of web based  educational products of Q Group since 2007





Taking into account the recent economic crisis ELIT sees the future of marketing strategy in diversifying the marketing channels as follows :

·          Countrywide retail organization with effective follow-ups of sales points More than 100 sales points are now active and in one year the goal is to achieve 200. They are more effective in our commercial software. They want to work in consignee which is practically impossible


·          Door-to-door : ELIT works with the biggest door-to-door marketing companies of the country. ELIT has the access to a total of more than 100 direct sales reps of these companies.


·          Institutions: Schools, language courses, are both customers as end-users for our products Their students are also our customers for language teaching products


·          Bundling: For enabling the customer to get used to products and in order to provide better market penetration we provide bundling projects where products are bundled with computers in OEM agreements (Bimeks,Nobel , Technopc, Byron,…)





Date of foundation : Jan. / 1992


Shareholding Structure : Private


Number of employees : Administration : 4,  Trade & marketing : 4 ,  Technical Support : 3  , R & D : 2 ,  Total : 13







·         Q ENGLISH : A webbased English learning system, which is fully online, interactive, and self study.  We work with universities on this project.  Here is our partner universities:


·         QUARTET :  An English teaching system blending traditional learning components such as teacher-led classroom events and course books with modern ones such as online computer activities, lab tasks, and a variety of assesment tools.


·         ENGLISH PLUS : An integrated English Language learning environment consisting of 12 CDs ,  each CD presents a minimum of 120 hours of instruction.


·         Gordi Series : Compedia’s famous titles of Gordi (7 titles)


·         Timmy Series : Compedia’s famous Timmy Series ( 5 titles)


·         Commercial : An integrated modular system developed by .NET, which can maintain all the necessary records of an SME and analyses cash flow, accounts rec./pay., inventory, orders, shipments, invoices, accounting etc.




GOALS for potential International Cooperation:


Having formed a good local customer base in educational , language teaching and commercial markets, ELIT is willing to enlarge its product portfolio with state-of-the-art new titles with licensing-in.


ELIT seeks to cooperate in various forms such as technology transfer, dealership, licensing, joint venture, subcontracting.


As a company in Turkey , ELIT sees the lack of English language knowledge. For increasing the number of people fluent in English ELIT targets to fortify its position in private primary,  middle and high schools, state universities, government bids and corporate institutions.


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